Frequently asked questions

Can the use of a computer cause eye strain?

  • Prolonged use of a computer can cause or reveal visual disorders, dry eyes or eye fatigue, sometimes accompanied by a headache.
  • Be sure that your posture is good and that lighting is suitable.
  • Aches and pains often reveal existing disorders, an anomaly of binocular vision, an ametropia, or unsuitable equipment.
  • Lenses specially adapted to computer work can soothe your aches and pains.
  • Lenses with anti-reflection coating are indispensable.
  • Together with your progressive lenses, eyeglasses equipped with lenses that provide a special field of vision for short distances – between 50 cm and 1 meter – will be more comfortable.
  • Computer screens emit a blue light that is damaging to the eye. Specially treated lenses will protect your eyes whether or not they have an optical correction.

Can all frames be adapted to progressive lenses?

  • Most frames are adaptable to progressive lenses.
  • Sometimes, however, some are too narrow to accommodate three vision zones: far, intermediate and near.
  • Technological innovation enables us today to answer to the most specific cases.


Is it difficult to adapt to progressive glasses?

  • The advice of a professional optician and perfect mounting can ensure successful adaptation.
  • Innovation in the area of lenses and sophisticated technology for measurement make it possible to optimize adaptation to these lenses.

Are lenses guaranteed?

  • Lense treatments are guaranteed for 2 years by the manufacturer under normal conditions of use.
  • Of course, in the case of a defect in fabrication or the impossibility of adapting to progressive lenses, the lenses are guaranteed and exchanged for more suitable ones. Our commitment to results is a guarantee.

What are some lens brands?

  • The best known, without a doubt, is Essilor, the world’s leading maker of ophthalmic lenses, inventor of progressive lenses, always on the cutting edge of innovation.
  • With narrower ranges, Nikon and Seiko are more specialized in high-tech products.
  • The German brand Zeiss has set the standard in terms of rigor and precision for a number of decades.
  • Each of these brands excels in certain areas and can be selected according to the needs of the client.

What is the best color for sunglasses?

  • Theoretically and for chromatic reasons, it is better to choose:
    • brown lenses for myopics
    • grey lenses for hyperopics.
  • But the feelings of each person prevail, knowing that protection is the same whether the filter is brown or grey.
  • General aesthetics can guide you in your choice


Can I have sunglasses with my correction?

  • This is strongly advised.
  • All our frames can be equipped with lenses that are clear or tinted. It is important for them to be of good quality in order to ensure that they are well fitted and carefully adjusted to the face so that there is no parasite light to interfere.

How long does it take to get a pair of eyeglasses?

  • It all depends on your needs and your choice.
  • If you opt for made-to-measure frames, this can take a few weeks.
  • For frames that are in stock, most lenses are personalized and therefore made according to demand. In this case, it usually takes a week for your eyeglasses to be delivered. Some lenses are regularly stocked by our suppliers and can be delivered in one day.

Where are my eyeglasses mounted?

  • In our shops. We order your lenses, which arrive in our workshops. We then shape them and fit them to the frames according to the measurements that we have taken and proceed to make all the verifications necessary for your comfort.

What is the difference between your eyeglasses brands and those of your competitors?

We have opted for excellence. We reject brands that rely on their logo for added value.
  • Most of our collections are artisanal, made by hand, distributed in small quantities, even in limited editions.
  • Others are made in high-tech factories.
  • We prefer fine quality materials that are comfortable and innovatively designed.

Why are eyeglasses so expensive?

  • Quality has a cost.
  • We have opted for excellence and have selected the best lens-makers and eyewear designers.
  • With regard to eyewear, the price depends on the material, design and quality of workmanship What’s more we essentially work with artisanal eyewear makers who only produce limited ranges.
  • With regard to lenses, the price depends on the material, the complexity of their geometry, the care that goes into their fabrication and the quality of their coating. To be totally effective and comfortable, each lens must be made individually and to measure. We avoid standardized lenses.
  • Nevertheless, we can propose eyewear that start at €149 and simple lenses to fit every budget.

What are frames made of?

  • Cellulose acetate, plastic made from cotton or wood fiber.
  • Nickel silver, titanium, steel, aluminum
  • Frames made of noble materials such as wood, horn, tortoiseshell, leather, silver or gold obviously are the most prestigious.

How long will my pair of eyeglasses last?

  • It varies according to the evolution of your vision. You are strongly advised to visit your ophthalmologist every three years. In the meantime, your optician can check your correction and adapt it if necessary.
  • Obviously, you can use the same frames for a new correction, which is why quality frames are important.
  • You also may decide to change eyewear just for pleasure.

What is the meaning of high technology for measurement and centering of lenses?

A measurement-taking machine is composed of:

  • A screen to visualize, check and adjust the posture of the eyeglass wearer. This check is essential and must be carried out by an optician who can judge the position of the client in reality and on the screen.
  • Three cameras that provide a 3D picture to obtain the:
    • distance between the lenses and the eye
    • curvature of the frames
    • the inclination of the frames
      These are values that we use to order your lenses.
  • A tablet for close vision that provides the reading distance and the convergence.
  • Finally, software that re-transcribes all this data and corrects it, if by chance a parallax should take place at the moment of measurement.
Once corrected, all this will be printed on a photo reversed to a scale of 1 to check the precision and accuracy of the assembly.

Do you offer payment facilities ?

  • We accept all payment methods
  • Multiple payments without charge
  • Deferred Payment

I saw eyewear on the site, how to buy it ?

You can contact the optician of the nearest store in your area by visiting his page, he will make the necessary for you.

How to maintain my eyeglasses ?

We invite you to come to our shops for repair of your equipment and a thorough cleaning.

What is the period of validity of my prescription ?

  • Unless contraindicated by your ophthalmologist, your prescription is valid :
    • 1 year for patients under 16 years old
    • 5 years for patients aged 16 to 42 years old
    • 3 years for patients aged over 42 years old
  • However, it remains essential to consult your ophthalmologist after the end of the validity period.
  • In the case of medical prescriptions for contact lenses, the period of validity is :
    • 1 year for patients under 16 years old
    • 3 years for patients over 16 years old

What are the services in shops ?

  • We offer free maintenance and repair of your glasses
    • Deep cleaning
    • Change platelets, sleeves and screws
    • Adjustment
    • Polishing acetate frames
    • Welds
  • Followed after-sale service and change of defective parts if necessary in all the shops
  • Loan frames under conditions
  • Home delivery
  • Custom frames Realization quotation
  • Review of view:
    • Visual control
    • Checking of the visual correction and any changes if necessary, with agreement of the ophthalmologist and the last prescription.