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A vision professional

The optician eyeglass maker at the service of your vision

The scientific, technical and interpersonal competence of your optician make it possible for him to equip you with eyeglasses and contact lenses, as well as to suggest corrective sunglasses or not.
Using high technology equipment for eye examinations, measurements and eyeglass assembly, he has a duty to deliver results for your vision and your comfort.
Pursuant to Decree No. 2016-1381 of October 12th 2016, the optician may renew an order and carry out eye examinations with reimbursement of the costs incurred on the visual equipment according to the agreements in force with the social security and complementary organizations.
For a renewal of a medical prescription, the period of validity of the latter is set at:
  • 1 year for patients under 16 years old
  • 5 years for patients aged 16 to 42 years old
  • 3 years for patients over 42 years old
When an examination reveals the need to modify a correction, the optician makes the new pair of eyeglasses and informs the ophthalmologist.
The optician always will remind you of the importance of regular checkups by the ophthalmologist.
L'opticien lunetier

The work of the optician consists of four stages:

l'opticien phase 1

From the prescription to the choice of frames:

  • Analysis of the corrective strengths on the prescription
  • Visual disorder explanation
  • Help to choose a frame
  • Adjustment for measurement taking.
De la prise de mesures à la sélection des verres :

From the taking of measurements to the choice of lenses:

Measures taken using high-tech equipment

  • Several measurements with hi-tech equipment
  • Monocular and binocular eye spacing
  • Pupil height from base of frames
  • Distance of the lens from the eye
  • Curvature and inclination of the frames
  • Eye convergence
  • Reading distance
De la commande au montage des verres sur la monture

From the order to the assembly of the lenses and the frames:

  • Control of the lenses after scanning of the frame, to the useful diameter, in order to optimize their thickness and to confer comfort and aesthetics
  • Receipt of lenses

  • Confirmation of correction strength according to prescription
  • Centering of lenses
  • Lens shaping with a diamond-headed digital tool
  • Manual finishing
  • Verification of centering according to measurements taken
l'opticien phase 4

From delivery to the vision certificate:

  • Custom adjustment eyeglasses
  • Confirmation of near and far visual acuity
  • Advice for use and maintenance
  • Delivery of the certificate that attests to the origin of the lenses.