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Zeiss : Pioneer of ophthalmic lenses

This German company, created in 1846 and known for its photographic lenses and the design of equipment for ophthalmologists, first began making precision microscopes. In 1912, Zeiss invented the first mathematically calculated lenses for eyeglasses that eliminated the need to turn one’s head in order to see through the eyeglasses. Constant innovation has placed Zeiss 2nd in the world market.

Zeiss also makes innovative measuring equipment for opticians. Based on its expertise in the field of ocular surgery, Zeiss developed “I.Profiler,” a machine that can measure the smallest ocular defect. In other words, a correction of -1.75 for a myopic can be transformed into – 1.63 diopter and be made by Zeiss. Personalized, optimal vision is the great Zeiss challenge.



Our selection Zeiss

For the most demanding wearers, this unifocal lens takes into account the individual parameters of the frame and the wearer in order to guarantee uncompromising visual quality.
Energize Me 
In combination with the Blue Protect treatment, this Zeiss lens, specially adapted to the vision profile of contact lens wearers, will reduce eye fatigue after lens removal.
Officelens Plus
This interior lens offers a clear and comfortable vision ranging from 35 centimeters to 4 meters. It is used in open space, whether you are static or dynamic. There is also an optimized version. Addditional measurements make it best match user requierements
Individual 2
Custom made by taking into account 14 parameters, this progressive lens for optimal distance vision and near vision extra large, now adapts to you and not the reverse.
This progressive lens has been specially developed for operated cataract wearers. This lens protects the wearer from increased glare, blue light and UV.
Developed by Zeiss, this new photochromic treatment allows your lenses to go from category 2 to category 3 in 35 seconds for protection suited to all circumstances. This treatment exists in a degraded or polarized version.
Blue Protect
This treatment specially developed for people who spend a lot of time in front of the screens allows, besides reducing the risks of visual health, to reduce the ocular tiredness generated by the blue light.