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Seiko - corrective lenses


Seiko : Lenses as precise as chronometers

This Japanese company, initially specialized in watchmaking, created the first quartz watch in the late 50’s. In 2005, it developed the Kinetic watch, without a battery. Its renowned chronometers take part in all major sporting events, including the Olympic Games. In 1942, its precision expertise led it to the fabrication of ophthalmic lenses. Forerunner of digital surfacing, the special features of its products are appreciated for special cases. From made-to-measure lenses to specially enlarged clear fields of vision, Seiko is known to be one of the most innovative laboratories.


Our selection Seiko

This Seiko lens will appeal to the most demanding eyeglasses wearers, especially those with strong corrections, thanks to FreeForm technology offering them perfect clarity and unequaled comfort.

This unifocal lens is entirely customized point by point to reflect parameters of frame, the wearer's visual habits and its main activities. It is particularly suitable for the demanding who want a perfect vision.


These lenses are made to involve close intensive labor while providing a comfortable depth of field. They are 50% wider in intermediate vision than a traditional progressive lens.
Emblem Xtra Wide
It's a very thin FreeForm progressive lens that will offer immediate comfort and superior vision quality.
With 7 patents, this latest generation of customized progressive lenses has an individualization of power progression down, that is to say, to intermediate and near vision often limited. Results: immediate comfort and sharpness.
Ce traitement permet de protéger les yeux de 7 à 77 ans contre la lumière haute énergie visible (HEV) aussi appelée lumière bleue, provenant des écrans et des LEDS. Il comporte un traitement, durci renforcé, anti chocs HIP et ultra hydrophobe, et il est garanti 3 ans.

The polarizer lens by Seiko, considerably reduced glare while being particularly fine.