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This Japanese company, founded in 1917, has become an emblem of passion for images, owing its reputation to photographic cameras and lenses. Based on its experience with precision optics, Nikon began making corrective lenses in 1946. Its legendary partnership with NASA for space equipment reinforced its expertise in the field of design and manufacture of optical precision lenses. Nikon today holds third place in the world market for ophthalmic lenses.



Our selection Nikon

Seemax AP
Results of the latest digital technologies, these lenses will meet the expectations of the most demanding holders in vision, finesse and aesthetics.
Double aspherical unifocal lens specially designed for myopics, it brings a more precise vision as well as finesse and lightness.

RelaxSee Neo 
The daily use of screens leads to significant visual tiredness. Thanks to the digital surfacing, the RelaxSee Neo relieves the accommodation of the wearers.
Soltes Wide
Dedicated to intermediate vision and near vision, this lens give maximum comfort to presbyopics for computer work.
Home & Office
A perfect lens for intermittent holders and indoor activities in the office and at home every day without constraints.
Presio Power infinite
This new generation lenses can instantly regain natural vision at all distances. Their aesthetic geometries with wide fields fits all eyewear.
Presio Master 2 Infinite
The latest Nikon innovation that takes into account binocular vision in the manufacture of each glass. With this new technology, the useful viewing area is 1.8 times larger, reducing visual stress. Recently updated, it takes into account the new near vision corresponding to a modern and connected use.
SeeCoat+ UV Night drive boost
This high-quality anti-reflective coating is characterized by high scratch resistance and easy cleaning. It filters out 100% of UV. Furthermore, the Night Drive Boost technology reduces annoying reflections in the night driving situation.
Polarized lenses ensure glare reduction on flat surfaces (water, snow, roads) and a better vision of the relief and increased perception of contrasts. Polashade lenses are now available in plain or gradient version.

Latest anti-reflective by Nikon, it brings an increase in colors, contrasts and clarity of vision in low light conditions.