Essilor: innovative, high performance lenses

This French company is the world’s leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses. Since designing the first progressive lens in 1959, Essilor has focused on research and the development of new lenses that continue to improve the vision of those who wear eyeglasses.
To optimize visual performance, Essilor provides real aid to opticians. Its “Eyecode” measuring equipment is a 3D system that takes into account the position of the eye’s center of rotation and each client’s natural bearing in order to achieve total visual precision.

Our selection Essilor

Advance Stylis
These lenses coming from the Twin RX Technology reduce aberrations to achieve a unique visual performance. With the Stylis material, you get a lightweight lens and very thinned even with high ametropia.
This unifocal lens is optimized for connected life : better body attitude and natural eyes relaxation.
Interview 080 
These lenses are perfect for young presbyopic, allow them a comfortable office work.
Varilux Eyezen Stylis
This lens responds the new needs of digital tools users, it relieves your eyes to all the screens, whatever the distance, and preserves your vision health.
E Design 
These lenses from new technologies, reduce pitching effects and allows an optimized vision at affordable prices.
The latest addition from the Essilor laboratories, which combines rapid habit, fluid and precise vision, a real sensation of volume and depth, without head movements.
Eye Protect System
The most recent invention from Essilor and the first integrated protection. EPS provides protection against harmful light in an aesthetically clear lens.
Transition flash miror
This variable-tinted lens adapts quickly to changing light, even in cars. With their mirrored effect that intensifies in the sun, you are resolutely trendy and well protected from UV.