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Whether you wear them occasionally or all the time, contact lenses correct all ametropia: myopia, hypertropia, astigmatism and presbyopia.
We have selected Menicon, J&J, CooperVision, B&L and Precilens for the quality of their products. After a personal examination, we choose the most suitable equipment for each person.
Today, daily contact lenses, ideal to wear occasionally, along with a pair of eyeglasses, benefit from the use of new silicone hydrogel materials. Monthly contact lenses, the widest range, make it possible to correct all ametropia. Rigid contact lenses, the first pioneers, still are indispensable to correct the most complex cases such as strong astigmatism, keratoconus, post-surgery and orthokeratology.
There are also cosmetic lenses with a choice of different colors to change the color of your eyes.


Contactologie 2
Distributed by Menicon, these contact lenses always stays in place thanks to an ultra-slim blister that is practical and does not get in the way. A real pleasure for those who wear contact lenses.
1 Day TrueEyes
Johnson & Johnson were the first to use silicone hydrogel to make contact lenses for daily use. This latest generation lens is a must for ocular safety.
One day moist multifocale

For all your everyday or occasional activities, the new daily lens for any presbyopia provides clear vision at all distances even in near vision. Fitted with a UV filter helping to protect the eye from the harmful radiation of the sun, it also brings comfort to sensitive and dry eyes.


Proclear Lenses
Made by CooperVision, using digital processing that ensures great precision, the Proclear range allows rapid adaptation and unequalled comfort thanks to phosphorylcholine, a compatible organic material used in surgery.
Biofinity Energys

This monthly lens is a real revolution in the field of contactology for the ultras connected. It helps to relieve eye strain after intensive work in front of the screen or near vision, thanks to its innovative accommodative help.



True innovation This monthly contact lens, in silicone, hydrogel with MOISTURESEAL technology combines comfort and health to meet the needs of hydration throughout the day and the month.

Précilens laboratory
Précilens, a French company, developer of the first supple progressive contact lens, has won the “Oseo Innovative Company” award for its ongoing research. Its range of rigid contact lenses and the precision of its digital surfacing allow the fabrication of multi-aspheric lenses for optimum quality of vision.