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Vision, an asset to protect

Europeans have always set great store by the quality of their healthcare. We too are committed to working to the highest level of excellence. We have, in fact, a duty to deliver results: visual perfection for our clients.
Our work and our commitment are essential to the production of your eyeglasses. We regularly invest in the newest generation of equipment needed to take measurements and mount lenses. We also pay close attention to lenses makers’ innovations, so that we always can perform at the top of our profession.
We have selected five major optical laboratories. Depending on the correction required and the needs of each eyeglass wearer, we can choose one or the other of these laboratories in order to optimize the wearer’s vision, comfort and appearance.
With each pair of eyeglasses, our client receive a certificate of authenticity that guarantees the origin of his lenses and respect of the correction that the ophthalmologist has prescribed.