Sabine Be: colorful eyewear collection

Optician by training, Sabine Bégault-Vagner created her eyewear brand Made in France in 2014. A new and original collection, Sabine Be frames are totally mixed and intergenerational.

Made from cellulose acetate, these eyeglass frames, with their original design, are available in a rich color palette around models with evocative names "Be Whaouh" "Be Rebel" "Be Happy" or "Be Addict".

Marriage of classic and fantasy, combining quality with aesthetics, the Sabine Be eyewear collection will appeal to wearers who are most attentive to their style.

Sabine Bégault-Vagner
Monture Sabine Be 1
Monture Sabine Be 2
Monture Sabine Be 3
Monture Sabine Be 4
Lunettes Sabine Be 1
lunettes Sabine Be 2
Lunettes Sabine Be 3
Lunettes Sabine Be 4