Komorebi : lunettes minimales et modernes

Komorebi, this very poetic but untranslatable Japanese word refers to “sunlight filtered through the leaves of trees”. Like the natural beauty of nature, Komorebi eyewear are characterized by a refined style where only the form takes precedence.

From the imagination of two enthusiasts, Ti Vandenbroucke designer in the world of optics for 20 years and Brent De Coorde interior designer, Komorebi frames have captured the symbolism of shadows and reflections of light to create a collection of frames quality with subtle details.

No ornaments here, but simple and elegant lines that allow Komorebi frames to be worn by all faces.

lunettes Komerobi eyewear
Komorebi Arran Camellia
Komorebi Ivan Goblin Green
Komorebi Lagoon Wild Cherry
Komorebi Velma Eclips
Komorebi homme 2
Komorebi femme 2
Komorebi homme 1
Komorebi femme 1