The Aubusson : tradition and savoir faire

When the art of tapestry meets traditional cutlery this gives birth to amazing creations. Marie-Armelle, fiber artist of Aubusson, and her husband David Baldensperger, blacksmith-cutler, combine their crafts in the creation of a unique knife : The Aubusson.
The kniffe blades, worked in a "Japanese forge", burning charcoal and using traditional hand bellows, are some of XC75 steel grades, others made of laminated Damask 130 to 500 layers.
The sleeves, made in tapestries inclusions or Aubusson paperboard from the XIX century, come from knowledge older than six centuries protected by UNESCO. Each new piece of tapestry is to adorn the knife handles.
The Aubusson is the opportunity to discover in heart of Creuse department, the authenticity of two craftsmen, two unique expertise combining tradition and modernity.


Couteau l'Aubusson - Baldensperger
Couteau l'Aubusson
Couteau l'Aubusson
Lissière d'Aubusson