A new bag concept from Issey Miyake

Distortion is the 4th and newest edition in a series of bags from Issey Miyake. Inspired by minimalism and in a do-it-yourself mode, the triangular modules are distinctive signature of the Bao Bao Park project. Here, they are shaped like a folded up leaf that can go from flat to three dimensions and become a futuristic minaudière.
Conceived in collaboration with Rodrigo Solorzano and Naoki Kawamoto, of the Anglo-Japanese design studio N&R Foldings, Distortion bags come in black, white or yellow and will surely captivate fans of origami.
Available now in Japan and, soon, in Europe.



Distorsion bag par Issey Miyake
sac Distorsion par Issey Miyake
Sac Distorson par Issey Miyake
Sac Distorson par Issey Miyake