NEWS // Frida Kahlo in Paris

15 Sep 2022

Frida Kahlo, beyond appearances

Far from clichés, the Frida Kahlo exhibition invites us to enter into the artist's intimacy. Sealed when the artist died in 1954, these personal effects were rediscovered in 2004. This precious collection, of more than 200 objects, constitutes a visual account of his extraordinary life.

Clothing, correspondence, accessories, cosmetics, medicines, medical prostheses... allow visitors to enter into the intimacy of the artist, and to understand how she built an identity through the way of presenting herself and represent oneself.

With her mono eyebrow and her traditional Mexican outfits, Frida Kahlo is an essential artist whose story will have marked the spirits. In addition to his work, his commitment to the feminist cause, his relationship to disability and his strong Mexican identity have propelled him to the rank of icon.

« Frida Kahlo, au delà des apparences » at Palais Galliera
10 avenue Pierre Ier de Serbie – Paris - From September 15, 2022 to March 5, 2023
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