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13 Dec 2022

Coblens eyewear : timeless aesthetic

Coblens eyewear are unique pieces with a timeless design. Born from the imagination of its creators Ralf and Nils, both from Koblenz in Germany, the Coblens collection offers frames of exceptional quality and beauty.

Each frame is the result of innovative manufacturing, a mix of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. In acetate or titanium, all the elements of a Coblens frame must meet the highest standards before being assembled.

Their reinterpretations of traditional shapes become new classics with ideal proportions that emphasize your singularity.

lunettes Coblens eyewear
Lunettes Coblens homme 1
Lunettes Coblens femme 1
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lunettes Coblens femme 2
Coblens homme 2
Coblens femme 2
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