• Jarraud Opticiens in Limoges
  • Jarraud Opticiens 17 othon péconnet Limoges
  • Jarraud Opticiens 17 othon péconnet Limoges
  • Jarraud Opticiens 17 othon péconnet Limoges


Limoges, which boasts 2,000 years of history is the city of fire arts, famous for its porcelain, and less for its production of enamel and stained glass. It hides a well-kept secret, its underground passages. The buildings are spread over several centuries to form a network consisting of two or three levels of vaulted cellars, warehouses and aqueducts, dug into the tuff or the masonry. Sadi Carnot and Auguste Renoir are natives to the city, not to forget Suzanne Valadon, painter and the mother of Maurice Utrillo, who came to seek inspiration in the vicinity.
The Jarraud Opticians store, 17 rue Othon-Peconnet, belongs to the heritage of the city. Martine and Jean are known for their professionalism, their curiosity and their high standards and have strong personalities that make them key players on the international scene of optics. They took over the Jarraud Opticians store in 1986, which was created by the parents of Jean in the late 50’s. From the beginning the store was committed to an original approach: No logo, no brand. They love the eyeglasses that have a soul and it is through encounters with people that they choose frames that have a history. Optiswiss are their choice for quality lenses, knowing that this is their client’s choice.
Jarraud Opticiens 17 othon péconnet Limoges
17 rue Othon Péconnet - 87000 Limoges Ph. : 0 555 343 255
Opening hours Tuesday to Saturday 9:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 19:00


Jean & Martine

One S Fusion Silver Mirror

This frame is named after Dita Von Teese. It mirrors the provocative, glamourous and vibrant style of the famous model. It is fitted wih the unifocal lenses Optiswiss One S Fusion Silver Mirror for an extremely sharp panoramic vision.


Jean & Martine


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