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  • Spagnol Opticiens Bandol
  • Spagnol Opticiens Bandol
  • Spagnol Opticiens Bandol


Bandol, a seaside resort facing the island of Bendor, famous for its wines that were very popular at the table of Louis XV, has had some famous people as visitors. Raimu, Marcel Pagnol, Marlon Brando and Thomas Mann have circulated on the marina. The city, sandwiched between the sea and the vineyards, invites you to relax and discover the products of Provence.
Julien and Nathalie, who are brother and sister and are both opticians, purchased in 2003 a store, which had opened in 1990, located 2 rue de la République. A characteristic that unites them is that they are very attentive. Aware of their complementarity, they are completely at the service of customers who come to Bandol from all the continents for the holidays. Their selection of frames for eyeglasses or sunglasses is a festival of color in the image of Provence. Good humor, laughter, in short only pleasure! The workshop, visible from the store inspires confidence and professionalism in the assembly work. Partners with Nikon for ophthalmic lenses, they remain very vigilant on innovations that optimize vision.
Spagnol Opticiens in Bandol
2 rue de la République - 83150 BANDOL Ph. : 0 494 324 873
Opening hours From Monday to Saturday 09:30 to 12:30 and 14:30 to 19:00


Julien & Nathalie

Variovid Volterra

Dita’s designers are expanding their Dita-Mach series with a sleek new model: the Dita Mach-Eight. It is fitted with Leica Variovid Volterra progressive lenses, for an ultra-comfortable vision, with which you can drive the most powerful racing cars.


Julien & Nathalie


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