About us

Because it would be reductive to suggest a definitive historical of Rien Ne Va Plus, we prefer, 30 years after the debut, to account for a spirit and evoke the ambition of these independent opticians who did not stop distinguishing themselves by their unique positioning as precursors.



Places of emotion and pleasure

Because choosing your eyeglasses is not a trivial matter, but should not be boring, the Rien Ne Va Plus boutiques are all unique, with their own design, their culture and reflect the personality of their opticians.
Through subtle colors and authentic materials, every shop offers an elegant and refined setting, which leaves the freedom and pleasure to take the time of his choice, in a sensory experience of the products.


A specific selection of accessories and designer eyewear

Because the world of optics satisfies itself for too long time by licensed frames brands, drawn and made without emotion by a handful of multinationals, opticians Rien Ne Va Plus select eyeglass frames from the greatest international designers.
We believe that design and luxury are above all the result of a process of research and implementation of know-how, both traditional and innovative, which requires attention to each stage of creation. From the designer's first pencil stroke to the latest finishes, we are very demanding on the quality, the rarity and the origin of the accessories and models of eyeglasses that we select.
Whether trendy, atypical, innovative, rare or timeless, you will not resist our selection of designer eyewear.


Professionals at the service of your vision

Because an optician is responsible for the end result of your vision, we are committed to using all our scientific and technical competences in realising your eyeglasses.
We are very attentive to the latest technical innovations of lens manufacturers and regularly invest in the latest generation equipment for the measurement and mounting of your ophthalmic lenses.
But beyond technology, it is in a relationship of trust that we listen and analyze your needs, to adapt our solutions, closer to your lifestyles, to optimize your visual performance and comfort.


A culture of personalized services

Because your satisfaction is essential in our relationship we put every effort to ensure that your eyeglasses are perfect.
Do you want a custom mount, need custom lenses, more time or advice at a private meeting ? We believe that each of you is unique and deserves adapted services that meet your expectations.
Listening, availability and seriousness are the hallmarks of thnt perfect.